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Tell us about the tour you envision, and we can make it happen!

The beauty of birding is that it offers something for all. Whether you are a hardcore birder in the field all day every day, or a relaxed birder enjoying birdsong while walking your dog, birds are for everyone and the pace is up to you!
Be it a mad dash to see as much as possible, a targeted search for specific species or a relaxed tour to enjoy the spectacles of migration or bird behavior, let us know what you want, and we will make it happen.
Spending long days in the field means that our guides have intimate knowledge of not only birds, but also other aspects of nature and wildlife. This is why we are happy to arrange any type of tour you are interested in.
We can provide comprehensive nature tours focusing on whatever you like. Are you into Mammals? Reptiles? Botany? Natural history? You name it and we can deliver.
Extensive natural areas and a complete ban of game hunting means that Israel is an amazing place for Mammals large and small. Species such as Mountain Gazelle and Nubian Ibex, which have been hunted to near extinction throughout their ranges are still common and easy to see. In fact, Israel hosts over 90% of the world population of these beautiful beasts. Night safaris in the right habitats will provide sightings of Golden Jackal, Indian Porcupine, Wild Boar and Egyptian Mongoose, and rare predators such as Arabian Wolf, Jungle Cat and Striped Hyena are not difficult to find (if you know where to go). If you would like to spice up a “standard” birding tour or focus on other aspects of wildlife just let us know.

BYO (build your own) tours

As birders and nature lovers ourselves we know exactly what makes a tour successful. One of the things we are happy to provide is flexibility. We will work with you in order to provide you with the tour you are dreaming of. Whether you are travelling alone or with a group of friends, our network of experienced ground agents can provide the perfect tour for you, any time of year, and almost anywhere in the world!
Do you have a dream destination? Specific target birds or animals you want to see or photograph? Special requirements? Just let us know and we promise to do our best to accommodate your various requests and desires.
Try us!