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Flyways birding and Nature is a birding and nature tour company founded by birders for birders.
We believe that birds are the perfect gateway to conservation and our tours are designed in a way
that promises that conservation and nature protection receive the attention they deserve. We
choose our destinations carefully and work with experienced ground agents that not only offer the
best services, but also indulge in conservation, sustainability and the welfare of nature.
All our leaders are very experienced birders and guides with many years of experience in the field.
Besides being strong field birders, we put great emphasis on people skills and dynamics to make sure
your overall experience is one to remember.
Flyways is based in Israel but our groups include birders from all over the world making the
experience even more special.
All our tours are designed for small groups (6-12 people max) with 2 guides.
Finally, there are many wonderful birding tour companies out there, offering many exciting
destinations. Some of our tours follow classic routes but all our trips are slightly different, offering
special sites and encounters and "out of the box" experiences. We aspire to empower local
communities, empower our local tour leaders and choose lodgings and services with providers that
give back to nature.
Join us for a birding and nature vacation you will not forget, enjoy an amazing holiday and give back
to nature as you do it!
See you in the field,
Jonathan and the team.