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Birding in Israel

Ruppells Warbler
Palestine Sunbird
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Birding in Israel
Where migration is defined!

Israel is an amazing country for birdwatching. The combination of a massive migration corridor and a great diversity of natural habitats makes Israel one of the best places in the world for birding any time of the year. Over 550 species have been recorded in Israel, a staggering number for such a tiny country. Strategically positioned at the crossroads of three continents, and serving as the land bridge east of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is a crucial stopover site for millions of birds on migration. Besides migrants, Israel is home to over 200 species of residents and breeding species. From the Alpine habitats of Mt. Hermon in the north to the jagged Granite peaks of the Eilat Mountains in the south, Israel offers a chance to experience a multitude of unique and specialty species from all 3 continents. 

Undoubtedly the best period to visit Israel is during the migration seasons, and especially during the spring. From mid-March migration is evident everywhere, and almost any green space or area with water will hold migrants. The skies fill with mind-boggling flocks of raptors and other soaring birds, and there is a constant trickle of shorebirds and passerines that includes sandpipers, bee-eaters, swallows, warblers, flycatchers, shrikes, buntings, and more. The variety of birds is incredible, with many wintering species still around, resident birds on territory, and wave after wave of migrants arriving daily as the season progresses.

Southern Israel and Eilat are especially impressive in terms of the quality of species present and the sheer number of birds around. In addition to migrants, Israel is blessed with many wonderful Near-eastern specialty species including the last viable populations of Macqueen’s Bustard, Desert Owl, Pharaoh Eagle-Owl, Nubian Nightjar, several species of sandgrouse, and a multitude of wheatears, larks, pipits, and more.

Fall and winter can be equally impressive with huge numbers of wintering species and places such as the Hula Valley in the North (imagine 30,000 Cranes, waterfowl, Passerines and many birds of Prey) and the Negev desert (rare winterers from the east such as Sociable Lapwing, Saker and Imperial Eagles) and the Mediterranean coast, offer countless hours of quality birding. 

We offer birding tours all year round, for groups and individuals, from half day to 12 day itineraries. With over 30 years of tour leading experience we guarantee that you will enjoy a birding holiday of a lifetime! Birds are of course the main fare of our trips, but we will also make a point of finding mammals such as Nubian Ibex, Rock Hyrax, Mountain and Dorcas Gazelle, Asian Wild Ass and with luck maybe even a Striped Hyena or Arabian Wolf. 

Contact us to put together the right trip for you but book early as our schedules fill up fast, especially during the migration months. 

Come Birding with us! 

Jonathan and the team