Flyways Birding


Conservation is key

When you travel with us you are already giving back to nature!

Flyways Birding and Nature tours was founded with conservation being the first thing on our minds. There are many tour companies out there and it is easier than ever to travel all over the world and enjoy amazing natural experiences but we believe that with the state of our planet it is very important
to give back.

First, we have teamed up with the good people at TIME (This is my earth).

This great non-profit organization offers a simple platform to donate to several ongoing conservation projects around the world, protecting fragile habitats and the wildlife that needs them. By choosing to travel with FBAN a donation will be placed in your name and you can choose where your money will be directed. The donation is already included in the tour price and ranges from $30 on shorter trips to $50 and more on longer trips.

Read more about TIME and the great things they do:

Also, on some of our tours the local operators we work with will also make a donation to various nature projects so you can rest assured that you are compensating for the carbon footprint involved in your travel.

In the upcoming months we will add a few more options to give back to nature, simply because it is our responsibility to do so.

Join us for a memorable birding and nature holiday and give back to nature as you do so.